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The allocation and availability of immigrant numbers are crucial facets for individuals navigating the process of obtaining preference immigrant visas. The December bulletin released by the U.S. Department of State sheds light on this aspect, providing guidance on ‘Final Action Dates’ and ‘Dates for Filing Applications’ relevant to immigrant visa applicants.

Deciphering Preference Immigrant Visas 

  • Allocation Procedures and Categories

The bulletin outlines the meticulous procedures undertaken to allocate visas, emphasizing chronological order based on priority dates reported by consular officers and USCIS. In cases where demand exceeds limits, oversubscribed categories are identified, and final action dates are established accordingly.

  • Annual Limits and Categories

For fiscal year 2024, specific limits are set for family-sponsored and employment-based preference immigrants, ensuring a fair distribution. The INA prescribes preference classes for family-sponsored and employment-based immigrant visas, catering to various familial and professional relationships.

  • Understanding Final Action Dates

The bulletin delineates final action dates for family-sponsored and employment-based preference cases across different chargeability areas. These dates signify oversubscription, availability, or unavailability of visas, guiding applicants on when they can expect visa issuances.

  • Dates for Filing Visa Applications

Another critical aspect highlighted is the dates for filing visa applications, providing a timeframe for immediate action. This information aids applicants in assembling and submitting required documents to the National Visa Center, contingent upon priority dates.

  • Employment-Based Preferences

The bulletin also delves into employment-based preference classes, categorizing visas for priority workers, professionals, skilled workers, and special immigrants. Final action dates for employment-based cases across chargeability areas are specified, clarifying visa availability.

  • Diversity Immigrant Category

The Diversity Immigrant (DV) category, aimed at enhancing immigration opportunities for countries with low admissions, is detailed. Specific allocations for diverse geographic regions and stipulated reduction policies elucidate the allocation of DV visas.

  • Key Legislative Updates

The bulletin addresses the scheduled expiration of specific immigrant categories, such as the Employment Fourth Preference (SR) Religious Workers category, highlighting legislative changes impacting visa availability.

  • Information Resource

Lastly, the bulletin emphasizes the importance of accessing updated information on visa processing at U.S. embassies and consulates through the Bureau of Consular Affairs website.


The December bulletin provides a comprehensive overview of the statutory numbers for preference immigrant visas, guiding applicants through intricate allocation processes and visa availability across diverse categories and chargeability areas. Accessing and understanding this information is pivotal for individuals navigating the U.S. immigration system, ensuring timely and informed actions in their pursuit of immigrant visas.

For ‘Final Action Dates’ and ‘Date of Applications’, please download the detailed visa bulletin guide issue by United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

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