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DOL is to issue prevailing wage determinations (PWDs) that were filed on the dates below as of February 28, 2023; this will include (OES and non-OES), PERM prevailing wage requests (filed Jan, 2022), and (OES and non-OES) H-1B prevailing wage requests (filed Jan, 2022 and Feb, 2022)

Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times (as of 2/28/2023)

Processing Queue OES Receipt Date Non-OES Receipt Date
CW-1 January 2023
H-1B January 2022 February 2022
H-2B January 2023 December 2022
PERM January 2022 January 2022
Redeterminations H-1B: July 2022

PERM: June 2022

Center Director Reviews
CW-1: None Pending

H-1B: None Pending

H-2B: December 2022

PERM: None Pending





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