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On December 23, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will increase the fees of certain U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) applications. Fee increases generally range from 8 to 60%. However, as we previously mentioned, filing fees related to the EB-5 green card process have been the most dramatic with increases ranging from 145 to 186%.

Below is a chart with the new fees. Please note that the premium processing fee of $1,225 will not increase.

Form Current New Fee %Change
Form1-129 Petition for
Nonimmigrant Worker
$325 $460 42%
Form1-140 Petition for Alien
$580 $700 21%
Form1-485 Application to Adjust Status Includes the cost of concurrently filed Forms
I-765 and 1-131
$985 $1,140 16%
Form1-765 Application for
Employment Authorization
$380 $410 8%
Form1-131-Application for Travel
$360 $575 60%
Form1-539 Application to
Extend/Change Nonimmigrant
$290 $370 28%
Form1-90 Application to Replace
Permanent Resident card
$365 $455 25%
Form N-400 Application for
Naturalization – Standard Applications
$595 $640 8%
Form N-400 Application for
Naturalization -Applications filed by those who meet certain requirements with respect to military service and for those with approved fee waivers
$595 $0 N/A
Form N-400 Application for
Naturalization-Applications filed by those whose family income is greater than 150% and not more than 200%of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
$595 $320 N/A
Form I-526 Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur $1,500 $3,675 145%
Form I-924 Application for Regional Center Designation under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program $6,230 $17,795 186%
Form I-924 Annual Certification of EB-5 Regional Center %0 $3,035 N/A
Biometrics Fee $85 $85 0%

As the chart shows, an important new fee that the DHS will collect is for the USCIS Form-924A, Supplement to Form I-924, Application for Regional Center under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program. This form is used for the Employment Based Immigrant Visa, Fifth Preference (EB-5) category. Currently the USCIS doesn’t require a filing fee; however, effective December 23, 2016, the fee will be $3,035.00.