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The Department of State (DOS) has issued its November 2016 Visa Bulletin. There has been slower progress compared to the October 2016 Visa Bulletin.  USCIS also has release its dates for filing, which are ahead of the Visa Bulletin priority dates.

In the November Visa Bulletin, EB-1 (Priority Workers) continues to be current worldwide. EB-2 (Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability) also is current worldwide.  EB-2 India has advanced by 10 months; EB-2 China has advanced by five months. EB-3 (Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers) has moved forward modestly:  worldwide by one month, India by seven days and China by two months 24 days. The Philippines has advanced by four months.

EB-1-Worldwide:         Priority dates are current

EB-2-Worldwide:        Priority date is current, except:

India:                            Priority date of November 1, 2007,

Advancement of 10 months.

China:            Priority date of July 15, 2012,

Advancement of 5 months.

EB-3-Worldwide:      Priority date of July 1, 2016except:

                                    Advancement of 1 month.

India:             Priority date of March 8, 2005,

Advancement of 7 days.

China:            Priority date of April 15, 2013,

Advancement of 2 months 24 days.

Philippines:     Priority date of April 1, 2011,

Advancement of 4 months.



Since USCIS has determined that there are more employment based visas available for Fiscal Year 2017 than there are known employment based applicants, the Dates for Filing Employment Based chart for November 2016 is being used so that you may file your Adjustment of Status application with the USCIS if your priority date is before the dates listed below.

USCIS will only accept applications for the following dates:

EB-1-Worldwide:          Current

EB-2-Worldwide:          Current, except:

India:             April 22, 2009

China:            March 1, 2013

EB-3-Worldwide:       Current, except:                                   

India:              July 1, 2005

China:             May 1, 2014

Philippines:    September 1, 2013

Please contact SW Law Group if you have any further questions regarding these developments.