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ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) released the Worksite Enforcement FY2014 Annual Report that includes information on worksite enforcement investigations, criminal and administrative employee and employer arrests, and the fines assessed and collected each fiscal year.


ICE uses its legal authorities to investigate crimes and immigration and customs violations, such as human rights violations; the smuggling of narcotics, weapons, and other dangerous or prohibited merchandise and contraband; human trafficking; child pornography; intellectual property violations; and the unlawful employment of unauthorized workers.


FY2014 report shows the following:


  1. ICE arrested 172 employer agents or representatives for criminal violations related to the knowing employment of aliens not authorized to work in the United States.


  1. ICE served 1,320 notices of inspection (Form I-9 inspections) and issued 637 final orders totaling $16,206,022.


  1. ICE debarred a combination of 278 businesses and individuals from doing business with the government.


  1. ICE IMAGE (ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers) coordinators delivered 2,357 educational presentations to 11,258 employers and added 34 Certified IMAGE partners.


ICE will continue to conduct worksite enforcement investigations by focusing on investigations to identify and dismantle employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers, those who mistreat/abuse undocumented workers, and those who use smuggling and identity theft. In addition, ICE will continue to partner with employers through outreach and education; urge employers to use employer-based best practices, such as E-Verify; and encourage employer compliance through the use of Form I-9 inspections, debarments, and fines.