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On July 10, 2019, the House passed a bill that would eliminate the per-country cap on green cards, which would mean that the amount of time any new applicant waits for a green card would be equalized, regardless of where the applicant was born.

Under current regulations, the green card cap limits a maximum of 7% of total employment-based and family-based green cards that can be offered to foreign nationals of any single country per year. Due to this cap, there has been a large backlog for applicants from several countries, such as China and India.

The bill, called the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Acts, would eliminate the 7% cap entirely for employment-based green cards and would increase the cap to 15% for family-based green cards per country. The total amount of green cards that are available annually, however, would remain the same.

The bill received broad bipartisan support, passing 365-65.

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