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The Department of State recently updated its guidelines regarding the review of Blanket L visa applications, stating that applicants must demonstrate their eligibility by “clear and convincing evidence.” Further, consular officers are directed by the new guidelines to deny Blanket L applications if any questions about an applicant’s eligibility cannot be quickly and easily resolved during the interview.

Under longstanding guidelines, Blanket L-1 visa applicants at U.S. consulates must demonstrate that their applications are “clearly approvable,” while USCIS petitions are subject to a lower “preponderance of the evidence” standard. While the new guidelines do not change the standard by which consular officers approve Blanket L applications, they may result in higher application denial rates. Blanket L-1 visa applicants should be prepared to describe their qualifications as clearly as possible during their interviews in order to lessen the chance of denial for their applications.

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