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The Department of State is now requiring visa applicants to disclose five years of social media and contact history. These new questions related to social media use, prior email addresses, and prior phone numbers have been added to the Forms DS-160 and DS-260, the online nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications.

The questions include:

  • Disclosing social media platforms they have used within the previous five years;
  • Providing username(s) for each social media platform. Passwords are not required and should not be provided.
  • Listing additional email addresses and phone numbers used in the previous five years.

Consular officers may use social media information during the visa adjudication process. Profiles, postings, and details that appear inconsistent with the purpose of a visa applicant’s trip, other information in the visa application, or past immigration benefits application could result in additional security clearances or visa refusals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this matter.