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Effective September 9, 2015, there will be revisions in he Social Security Administration’s (SSA) regulations to allow applicants for a Social Security Number (SSN) card to apply for an SSN by completing the required application and submitting required evidence. Specifically, these revisions will allow applicants more flexible ways to request SSN cards as well as allow the SSA to streamline the SSN replacement card application by providing an online application system.


Currently a individual can apply for an SSN in person or through mail by completing and submitting form SS-5 to their local field office or the Social Security Card Center. The revisions will remove the requirement that an individual seeking a replacement SSN card must file an application at any Social Security office.   The new electronic SSN replacement card application is being developed and will be released on a gradual state-by-state basis allowing U.S. Citizens and eligible individuals to apply for a replacement SSN card electronically after registering through the My Social Security portal.   The new online SSN replacement application will also allow individuals to complete a request for a replacement SSN card at any time without having to apply in person. It is anticipated that this new application will also contribute to shorter wait times for individuals who choose to visit field offices in person.