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Anyone who has filed for a re-entry permit or I-90 (green card renewal) knows that they need to be fingerprinted in the US. This has caused much disruption for those living abroad. We have always wondered why the USCIS could not process these biometrics abroad.
Recently, the USCIS said,

” USCIS generally collects biometrics overseas only for form types that are adjudicated overseas. However, we understand that sometimes applicants face circumstances beyond their control where it would be much less burdensome to schedule a biometrics appointment at an overseas office. USCIS is working on guidance to allow for biometrics to be collected by USCIS international offices in emergency circumstances for reentry permit applicants and I-90 applicants. This guidance is still being reviewed and cleared internally, but we will share it publicly as soon as it is ready.”

Well.. At least they are thinking about the problem!!