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New York Office

Located in the heart of Manhattan, SWLG’s New York Office is the largest of the three global offices, operated by a team of highly skilled professionals who take great pride in their world-class legal work and the individual attention they provide to each client.  

The operations of the NY Office are overseen by the firm’s managing Attorney, David Sindell, who divides his time between our Tokyo, New York, and California offices. 

Locally, the NY Office is represented by our Attorney, H. Heidi Son, a former associate at a major, international law firm, with years of experience serving fortune 500 companies in labor and employment matters. 

Heidi’s expertise has guided the NY team to assist clients with matters beyond the initial visa application process, including challenging E and L-1A cases for start-ups and entrepreneurs, highly technical L-1B cases for various industries, and especially immigration-related, corporate compliance services from an HR perspective.

The NY office often holds seminars on various immigration topics. While many of the seminars are open to the public and cover basic information, such as visa types and overviews of U.S. immigration law, others are limited to business entrepreneurs and HR professionals and cover specific topics, such as HR Compliance and Entrepreneurship for Foreign Nationals. 

In addition to these seminars, the NY office also offers free, legal consultations with our Attorney in order to provide individuals with an initial assessment of their immigration questions or concerns.  Our Attorney is also committed to community service and often participates in informational seminars, roundtables and panels for international students attending universities in New York City on a probono basis.  The NY office is dedicated to serving the international community of New York City and beyond. 

Our priority has been and continues to be world-class service with individualized, personal care.   

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SW Law Group, P.C. New York Office


108 West 39th Street, Suite 800, New York, NY, 10018

Tel: 212-459-3800
Fax: 413-425-6172
E-mail: ny@swlgpc.com
Website: www.swlgpc.com